Monthly Archives: May 2010


A design created Getchy. All credit goes to Drew. Thanks!


Getchy now using Shutterfly!

Getchy is now expanding to Shutterfly, a webite that we will use for uploading all our pictures, videos and projects. It is an easy and simple way to upload all media to one place and keep it organized. We will be updating the media content constantly with S.O.S and D.Y. projects. You can find the Getchy Shutterfly here! Enjoy!


Welcome to the new Discovery Youth of the Children’s Discovery Museum Getchy web page.  This new Getchy’s goal is to provide a place online for Discovery Youth participants to post videos, pictures and projects on a daily basis in a blog format. This will allow the public and other participants to easily view the hard work that Discovery Youth does every week. This site will also act as an archive to work done by D.Y in previous years.