Live Oak

On Tuesday, the SOS Purple Team visited Live Oak Adult Day Center to have fun with some seniors there. At Live Oak, we dropped off our bags and headed to the multi-purpose room where we were greeted by the manager and the seniors. First we heard the weather report for the week. Next we stretched out and learned some taichi. Then, we settled down for a promisingly fun game of Jeopardy. We had a blast playing the game what with droll comments from all around and the seniors falling asleep every so often. It was a memorable time and one that definitely should be repeated again.



About instant_kernel

Graduate student at Washington State University. Teaching Assistant for Biology, Ornithology, and Parasitology. Research Assistantship in the Owen Lab of Entomology. Conservation, food, biodynamic agriculture, and health enthusiast. Music, biking, running, climbing, birding, and cooking hobbyist. I enjoy reading and thinking about things from the perspective of a "devil's advocate". A student of biology, I enjoy combining topics of health, environment, conscience, and geological history to try and succinctly explain human experience, morals, and purpose. I am dedicated to my research and teaching, but I am most fascinated by the ever-expanding knowledge about biology and how it can explain sociological and psychological phenomenons. Some example questions include: what causes depression? Is everyone a product of identity politics? How does perception affect behavior? Is nihilism and truth compatible with our biology? How do we navigate a secular life? Writing and journaling influences include Michael Pollen, Naomi Klein, Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins, Michael Greger, and many more!

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