The Purple Team visited RAFT, an organization that helps teachers get supplies, and did some volunteer work. RAFT aims to aid teachers pay for school supplies, so they use recycled materials and turn them into things that the children can use in their classrooms. When our team entered RAFT, there were tables with bins filled with green or clear bottle caps, and other bins with numbers or number sign stickers. Our task was to place the stickers on the bottle caps so that they could be used for math games–pretty high tech stuff, huh? Actually, it was a very tedious job, and we found ourselves constantly asking for breaks. After three bins and a loss of patience, it was finally time to go. But although the work was time-consuming, it was made much more enjoyable with jokes and encouragement from friends. It was really fulfilling to be able to help out teachers, even if it was a little repetitive. Plus, RAFT’s break rooms had cookies!

By Rachel


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