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Peace on Earth Bench

Check out photos from our newly constructed CDM Earth Bench! To read more about the Earth Bench movement, click HERE:

On April 22: Earth Day 2012, Summer of Service and Discovery Youth participants, along with past SOS staff and interns, built a bench created out of plastic bottles and inorganic trash. The trash and bottles were collected for about 2 months, brought in by participants and staff to create “bottle bricks”. The “bottle bricks” serve as the structure of the bench, and held together by a material called cob. Cob is a mixture of sand, clay, straw, and water, mixed with feet and on tarps. The photos show the impact of the trash we have diverted from the landfill and the bench making process. Brennan Bird, the creator of the Earth Bench project, guided us in the construction of the foundation and actual bench. Enjoy!