Monthly Archives: October 2012

Welcome to 2012-2013 Discovery Youth!

ImageImageChances are, if you’re visiting, you already know something about Youth Programs at CDM. Every year, the Children’s Discovery Museum has the distinction of hosting Summer of Service, a summer camp which encourages local youth to participate in community service, and Discovery Youth, an after-school and weekend program which teaches youth how to use media to make a difference.

One element of Discovery Youth is updating this site, Getchy, to keep the world informed about the goings-on throughout the week. Right at this very moment, DY is hard at work running floor activities at CDM, teaching museum visitors how to do art and science projects, like leaf-rubbings and functional parachutes for pipe cleaner figurines! Other DY members are working on a river cleanup, picking up trash along the Guadalupe River to benefit our local ecosystem.

Throughout the year, we encourage you to continue to check back in with us to learn more about what we do, and see the articles, videos, and artwork we produce.

See you next week!