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Weekday DY

So far this year, we’ve mostly been posting about our Saturday program. Our Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday groups have been working hard too! As you might know, our weekday groups focus more on learning about media; how to appreciate and understand it, as well as how to create it. So far we’ve learned about photography, the rules of composition, photoshop, and some other programs. In fact, this spring, some of our photography will be on exhibit in Children’s Discovery Museum.

Here are some of the projects we’ve worked on so far.


Tuesday (5th-7th Grade) Photoshop Exploration Projects: These projects represent Tuesday DY’s first foray into Adobe Photoshop. They were given all the same instructions, but were encouraged to use their own imaginations and creative ideas to make their piece their own.

Salt Flat Photoshop Exploration: The Thursday Group (7th-9th grade) started out their Photoshop careers by designing their ideal vacation homes. The only catch was that it had to be a green home, built in the middle of the Utah Salt Flats. Everyone in the group started out with the same picture, but the end results are pretty different.

Self Portraits: Both the Tuesday  and Thursday Groups had a chance to create a self-portrait that they felt represented their personalities, and the new things they’d learned in Adobe Photoshop.

Photo Comics: Both groups created comic strips out of photos, and using Photoshop. The goal was to create a clear narrative, using a maximum of one speech bubble.

Advertisements: We finished the Photoshop Unit by creating print advertisements with important messages for our community using our own photos.


Click on an image to see the full-size version.



Keep checking in… we’ve got more coming soon.