Monthly Archives: June 2013

Blog Post 6

Today’s blog post is by Jude. He chose to write a fictionalized description of the Purple Team. This is our last blog post for Session One! Stay tuned for new blog posts from new participants starting next week!

General Jude was walking to a meeting and was trying to get the Purple Squad back featuring:  Ari, Ian, Calvin, Matt, Gautam, Nolan, Hunter, Mack, Sabrina, Nidhi, Emily, and Kate, with Kilani, Trevor, Analuna, and Cameron as the Supreme Court members. He got to the meeting and the Supreme Court members told General Jude that they needed the Purple Squad back together. Jude said he had half of their numbers and Calvin had the rest; so Jude called the first half and Calvin called the rest. Why did they need to be called? The Supreme Court said that the Youth Programs needed a big video to explain them. Everyone started to make the video and produced it to the theaters and it was complete. Then Matt, the swat guy, gave it to the YMCA. Calvin, Kate, Ari, and Gautam gave it to the public and the rest gave the video to the government and General Jude was promoted to a Five Star General.


Blog Post 4

Today for Rev-Up, we played a game where we team leaders hid one of every ones’ shoes all over the museum. We worked on our stop-motion for our session by making clay sculptures and working on the set. We also interviewed the Striped Team. Also, we finished our Zine articles.


Daily Blog 3

Today we did the purple and orange team interviews.  We worked on our finishing up our serious Zine articles and starting the fun articles. While some of us worked on the Zine articles, the rest of us went onto the museum floor and did activities with the kids that came.  We also brainstormed ideas for the big movie that will be shown at the end of the summer.