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Session 4: Blog 2

Today the purple team had a lot of things to do. We started out the day as we usually did sitting on the stairs in the courtyard of the museum.  The striped team coach gave us an announcement that we were going to play baseball with a twist.  Everybody had to swing with a water jug.  We were given partners and the one standing would go to one team and the one sitting would go to the other.  After the games ended we came back into the building where we discussed questions to ask to the people we would interview.  After the discussion, we worked on editing the movie.  When our first day of editing was completed, we ate lunch.  When lunch was finished we played the game evil magician.  We later came inside and discussed what the purple team was doing for the rest of the day.  One group would go downstairs to The Children’s Discovery Museum to work on showing the kids stamps and gak.  The rest were to work on the serious article and one person was to do the blog.  That was me. 



Session 4: Blog 1

Today, it is the second day of S.O.S on the Purple team with wonderful team leaders. This is my first year doing the S.O.S. program and it has been quite fun and exciting. In the morning, we got into our teams and the Purple Team went up to our “HQ.” We got to see the clips of the recordings of the movie that we will be editing! Afterwards, we played a game called “Evil Magician” and it was quite intense.  Once we finished this, we got to talk about what topics we would like to do for our Zine magazine.  We were all excited to finally start some work with the technology at the museum.  After half of us started working on our distribution to the magazine, the other five members of our team went down to the Discovery Museum to make crafts with kids that are in the museum. This is a summary of how the day looks on the Purple Team.

By: Daniela

Session 3: Bonus Blog

Dear Readers,

I’m writing as an honorary member of the Purple Team. Normally I would be on the Striped Team, but because I forgot to wear long pants, I couldn’t join my team in their service today, so I joined the Purple Team for today and wrote this. Anyways, to continue the theme of yesterday’s post, the U.S.S. Purple worked more on the filming of the movie. Along with filming, Lieutenant Emily wrote additional scenes. Another small portion of the crew wrote articles for the Zine, while the rest of the crew made Play-Doh (with mint extract for added scent) for an activity that was conducted on the museum floor. Along with Play-Doh, the crew helped the participants in the activity make masks.

By Erik 

ImageThe Purple Team working on their movie script and writing articles for the Zine

Session 3: Blog 4

Session 3

 Star Date: -309442.217

Blog 4

By Lieutenant Teo

(In the form of a Star Trek Story)

   Today the U.S.S. Purple, consisting of the purple team, traveled to different locations to work on their movie.  They spent a lot of time working on the movie, having to do takes over and over and over again.  Then they had lunch, meeting with the U.S.S. Stripe at their home base.  The crew of the Purple split up, one group, consisting of Lieutenant Sean, Lieutenant Adrien, Lieutenant Maggie, Lt. Commander Rebeca, and Commander Trevor, went to interview the crew of the U.S.S. Orange.  One group worked on the Zine, and another group worked on the floor for floor activities.

Session 3: Blog 2

Today the purple team worked on our top secret movie. We finally got coconuts to use as a prop. Most of the team went to film another scene that we couldn’t do yesterday due to technical problems. The other part of the purple team stayed back and cleaned up. We finished some other props that weren’t ready for the movie. We did another scene with the rubber chicken and after 3 takes, it was complete. After we ate lunch, we played a game called Evil Magician. It was really fun. We continued to work on The Zine while some people from purple team got interviewed by our team. Since a few of people from our team interviewed the red team yesterday, they started on a article about what the red team does.

By Jennifer          

Session 3: Blog 1

Blog Entry by Emily

       Today on the purple team we learned how to deal with kids while facilitating. For example I had to help a “blind child” *cough* Trevor *cough*, and later I participated in a floor activity, called stamp art. We also worked on the Zine, for about an hour. We also worked on the big movie. Teo and I are working on the script which is pretty exciting. We made a costume for a certain character and we’re going out to film later. And of course all day long we worship our mascots, the rubber chicken and the frogs, Paco and Bubbles. 

Session 2: Blog 5

Dear Readers,

At Purple Team headquarters, members are adding finishing touches to the costumes and props for the SOS Summer Movie 2013.  A Purple Team tradition so far is a dry-ice station for guests downstairs.  Participants have the opportunity to explore the world of science through a “fun” demonstration.  The station is conducted by our very own Trevor and assisted by the Purple Team.  While some campers are enjoying themselves around the presence of little children, the rest of us are upstairs working efficiently on our skit for tomorrow’s BBQ.  As some might think that, because we are the Purple Team, we are good at acting; this is totally and completely UNTRUE.  Need I remind you, this all happens before lunch. 

During lunch, we happily eat all together and talk about the wonders of our day.  After thirty minutes of digestion, we play an organized game of Evil Magician.  Sadly, lunch must come to an end. 😦

With Analuna counting coins for “Change the World,” and Kilani adding finishing touches on the Zine, all is good in HQ.  Speaking of “Change the World,” our team leaders promised that if we raised over $150.00 for charity, they would permanently dye some of their hair purple.  We achieved our goal and then some (a grand total of $222.25!); therefore, when we arrive at camp tomorrow morning, each of our team leaders will be sporting purple hair.  As our day comes to an end, we are all very tired and ready to go home. 

Buh-Bye. 🙂

-Noah and Meera   

Session 2: Blog 4

The Daily Blog (7/9)
By Isaiah

Today, we went to visit the Red Team. They were at Santana Row, hosting a booth in the Mommy and Me festival. Here’s what we saw them doing.

ImageRed Teamers doing a few activities with children at Mommy and Me.

ImageThe Red Team is having a blast.

ImageWe interviewed some of them for our movie.

Back at the museum, we continued making props for our movie…

ImageToday, we started on the storyboard for our movie.

ImageNoah trying on some of the props

ImageMeera finishing the Purple Team’s crown

ImageAndrew being a superhero

ImageEveryone works hard on the props.

ImageThe outcome of the storyboard today.


Today we are guests of the purple team. Normally, we are on the red team. On the red team we help the organizations such as Sacred Heart and Georgia Travis sort clothes and food for the homeless and needy. Today we were supposed to go on a trip to the junior sports camp, but due to the loss of permission slips, we were unable to go. But being here is an honor and is pretty fun.


Chris and Cap
(red team is cool)