Session 4: Blog 5

Ok. So, blogging. Woo hoo. So what we did today I shall tell you all…

                Ok, so once upon a time, we had to make a movie. YAY movie right? No. Just no. You know why? Because you have to edit for like 2 hours straight. Do you know what that’s like? No, no you do not. But editing IS fun. We were also so very happily distracted and unfocused. So lalala we lived happily ever after.

                After we edited (a LOT) we went out to eat lunch. You know what game we played? What we play EVERYDAY, Evil Magician! YAY! Rebecca still hates it but oh well. SPECIAL TWIST! We played with the Red Team today. And yeah, so Evil Magician! YAY!

                Then we worked on Zine articles all afternoon. No floor activities *tear tear tear*. We had to do our articles in InDesign. It is exceptionally tedious. Like, you know editing. Trevor tricked us into trying to finish our articles faster. WE SHOULD HAVE KNOWN! He was all like if you finish your article you shall get a prize *holds up little white box*. So naturally we little Curious Georges had to know what it was. So we tried. Guess what it was? A timer to time showers. Yay, not really. But yeah, it was fun.

                And that is what we did on the Purple Team today. It was fun.



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