Discovery Youth

Discovery Youth is a free program at the Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose that runs through the school year. It is a place where you can:
Make a Video!
Use Digital Cameras!
Create Web Pages!
Hang out & meet new people!

Discovery Youth is a program at the Children’s Discovery Museum where adolescent youths from grades five through twelve participate in media projects such as photography, web design, and movies targeting conflict and issues in the community. Participants in this program will also get the opportunity to get involved in volunteering not at the Children’s Discovery Museum, but at other locations, as well. This includes Emma Prusch Farm, Sacred Heart, RAFT (Resource Area For Teachers) and other places that come up along the way. Aside from those benefits, Discovery Youth is also an opportunity to become more social and associated with other youths from different backgrounds. Having said this, the program also offers development in teamwork and acceleration in media-based programs.

The Discovery Youth Program runs from October to May. It is the most unique and awesome after school program in the world. We learn various multi media, from photography, photoshop, film making and web design. Discovery Youth also does great community service activities. Discovery Youth is apart of the Adobe Youth Voices project. To learn more Discovery Youth, visit the D.Y site.

-D.Y participants